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Yigal Landau is an experienced and capable businessman in the field of development and management of large corporations. Landau is a has been a household name in the business industry for over two decades. In 1992 he organized; together with his father, the Rotlevy family, the late Zvi Tzafriri and the geologist Eitan Eisenberg, the establishment of the “Ratio Oil Exploration” – Limited Partnership. Yigal Landau is the CEO of Ratio and the Director of the Partnership, from its inception until today.

Ratio’s Business Activity

Yigal Landau (Orel Cohen Calcalist)

Yigal Landau (Orel Cohen Calcalist)

Under the management of Yigal Landau, Ratio started its gas and oil exploration in areas limited by the State of Israel’s petroleum rights. In the early years, the oil exploration was targeted to land areas that produced non-commercial oil and gas findings. As a result, Landau and his partners decided to focus their exploration to the Mediterranean Sea, with the goal to explore and produce hydrocarbons in deep water. Following the geological analyzes of the geologist of the partnership, Eitan Eisenberg, a decision was made despite the high costs required in conducting geological surveys and drilling in deep water.

In retrospect, it turned out that the decision of Yigal Landau and his partners was correct and successful. In 2007, the Partnership received the permit “Ratio Yam”, areas where the Leviathan and Dolphin fields were discovered. According to estimates, for year-end 2014, the Leviathan field contains approximately TCF 22 of natural gas and 39 million barrels of Condensate. This field is considered highly unique in the world in respect of its high quality and high production potential.


Yigal Landau in Malta

Yigal Landau in Malta

According to Yigal Landau, Israel must constantly strive to reach energy independence – therefore it must strive to remove regulatory barriers and bring long-term business stability in the oil and gas field. Thus, oil and gas exploration in the economic waters of Israel will be continued by private entrepreneurs. Landau’s vision stems from the knowledge that successful exploration will eliminate Israel’s fuel dependency on other countries, and will lead to significant economic benefits to the economy.

Yigal Landau in the business world

  • 1990-onwards – Hiram Landau Ltd., CEO.
  • 1993-onwards – Union Bank of Israel Ltd, Member of the Board.
  • January 2001 – Proseed Venture Capital Fund Ltd., Director.
  • 2005 to 2013 – “Dalia” Power Energies Ltd., Director.

Public activity and other information

  • Yigal Landau participates in various events as part of his public activities, such as fundraising and charity events.
  • He holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University (1986) and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Technion in Haifa (1982).
  • Successfully completed a Harvard University Summer Course for Executives in the United States (1987).
  • Married to Dr. Tzipi Landau, a school principal in Tel Aviv School.