Yigal Landau: “The State must find the optimal solution”

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Yigal Landau on BizPortal: “The Supreme Court decision approved all of the clauses of the gas deal that encountered opposition, now the State must find the optimal solution to the stability clause.”

Published on April 4, 2016

The CEO of Ratio, Yigal Landau, recently participated in the Hadera Energytech Conference. In an interview for the BizPortal website, he referenced the Supreme Court ruling regarding the stability clause of the gas deal: “In the end, it will be impossible to stop natural gas development in Israel. This resource is too big and important to delay.” Yigal Landau explained.

“A great deal of the delays, and those who witnessed them will agree, were due to irrelevant political reasons. If one claims, for example, that gas in Israel is expensive, it should be remembered that taxes increase the cost of the gas in Israel three times the local rate,” he continued. “Maybe this will sound surprising—but the Supreme Court decision is not a bad decision. The decision approved all of the clauses in the gas deal that faced opposition and various other claims. That’s what the Supreme Court said, not me and not the government. Now the State must try to find the optimal solution stability clause.”

See the interview with Yigal Landau from BizPortal:

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